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DIY multipurpose cleaner

Finally decided to clean up your Christmas decorations and having some Christmas tree branches left? An easy way to use them is to make a DIY cleaning vinegar for your interior or to clean your yoga mat!

Doing your eco-friendly cleaning spray is very easy to do and serves the added benefit of being a very inexpensive and efficient cleaner and helps repurposing spent citrus scraps and Christmas decorations instead of trashing them.

Supplies needed:

  • Citrus peels (mandarin, orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit)

  • Christmas tree branches

  • White vinegar

  • A pair of scissors

  • A glass jar

  • A spray bottle


  • Cut the citrus peels in slices and the Christmas tree branches in small branches

  • Add them in a jar and fill up with vinegar

  • Let the peels soak in the vinegar for at least 1-3 weeks

  • When ready to use, strain the peels and Christmas tree branches out and fill your spray bottle up to the middle with vinegar and then fill the rest with water (I added them directly in the spray for a nice look)

If you want your multipurpose cleaner to be most effectif, take the peels and the branches out of the spray after 1-3 weeks or add them all in a jar directly.

The white vinegar provides natural but effective antimicrobial activity and by infusing it with citrus peels, this natural cleaning spray takes on a fresh, enjoyable scent which is ideal to clean your yoga mat after exercising.

You can also use this natural disinfectant in the kitchen to clean and disinfect countertops after food preparation. For tough stains, add a few drops of Dawn soap to one-part water and two parts vinegar. Just pay attention if you have granite or marble countertops as the the acid in vinegar can diminish the luster of natural stone. Use a natural stone cleaner instead.

Have a look at our yoga mat bags made from 1 upcycled pair of jeans & our lovey fabric collection. Stay tuned and learn more about it in the next blog post!

Have a lovely day,

Jeanne - apesigned


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