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apesigned's fair fashion interview: Can ethical fashion be cool and chic?

apesigned had the chance to be interviewed by Miriam from currentlywearing about how sustainable fashion can be cool and chic whilst helping artisans and local craftsmanship.

Enjoy the video with my responses, all in English please ;-), here below.

If you wish to know more about apesigned, our collaboration with the artisans and what we can do for men, women and kids with our prêt-à-porter collection or tailor-made service, don't hesitate to drop us an email or pass by at our showroom. I would be pleased to help you grow your sustainable fashion impact!

Miriam's questions:

  • Why Jeanne decided to work with artisans and small family businesses in Vietnam and Switzerland.

  • How to successfully collaborate with people abroad.

  • That you don't need to study fashion to become a fashion designer.

  • How to make ethical and sustainable fashion elegant and chic.

  • What apesigned offers to men and children.

  • Why all of us should consider wearing clothes from sustainable fashion brands.

1st & 3rd picture @apesigned / 2nd & 4th @alexanderramp

Thank you Miriam for this amazing opportunity to talk about fair fashion and for your engagement in spreading out the slow fashion mouvement!

Cheers, apesigned

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